The Governing Body Foundation (GBF) is the thought leader in co-operative school governance in South Africa.

Founded in 1997, the GBF at present represents some 650 public schools in all nine South African provinces, with Head Office in Johannesburg and regional offices in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and Port Elizabeth.

The GBF has established the necessary resources and infrastructure, and possesses the legal and general expertise, knowledge and experience to promote sound governance in public schools. This it does by providing information to its member schools by means of regular newsletters, an extensive website and seminars, both venue-based and web-based.

But the GBF does more: It nurtures and empowers SGBs to enhance their capacity to function effectively as a body and as individuals within their school environment. This is does by having personnel available on a daily basis to answer queries or to engage with principals and SGB members in a supportive manner that goes beyond merely supplying information and legal stipulations. It is this relationship with our schools is what makes the GBF a distinctive governing body association.

The GBF is recognised by the Department of Basic Education and the provincial education departments as a key stakeholder and is regularly invited to participate in consultative forums at national, provincial and district level and to contribute its views on educational matters. While the GBF works alongside the education departments, it nevertheless maintains its status as an independent organisation.