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The GBF has established the necessary resources and infrastructure, and possesses the legal expertise, knowledge and experience, to service its members’ needs efficiently. Our facilities can be of value to all public schools which find themselves faced with these types of governance challenges.

The philosophy and policy of the GBF is one of constructive engagement with the Department of Education. It is our aim to work with Provincial Departments in order to set up and maintain the efficient and effective governance of schools. It is not the GBF’s policy to adopt a confrontational approach unless all other approaches have failed to yield a satisfactory result.

Your School Governing Body is invited to join the GBF by choosing from the list below and then completing the online application form that corresponds with the area in which your school is situated:

Eastern Cape Application Form
Freestate Application Form
Gauteng Application Form
Kwazulu-Natal Application Form
Limpopo Application Form
Mpumalanga Application Form
North West Province Application Form
Northern Cape Application Form
Western Cape Application Form

Thank you – we look forward to welcoming you to our rapidly growing list of members.

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